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My work as a painter and printmaker is characterized by heavy textured surfaces, created by layering paint and using different materials that I employ to create abstract monochromatic works.

My creative process is based on gradually trimming away elements in search of the essence of the piece, leaning towards minimal expression achieved by a particular monochromatic palette and open spaces. I'm interested in exploring the process of creating through and interactive design . There is a mutual enrichment between transforming the materials used for each piece and the original idea. Each new try, each new iteration shapes and grows the original idea.

Organic shapes, architectural structures, familiar landscapes become points of departure for my monotypes and paintings. They are visual influences and conceptual possibilities that materialized in my work through the symbiosis of image and material.

My work is an invitation to reflect on who we are, speaking to the complexity of living. I aim to develop an abstract language that represents how everything is susceptible of being transformed into another reality, hoping each person can feel and understand it in different ways sparking a dialogue between the artwork and the audience.

Almudena Fernandez Vicens

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