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I started painting shortly after I moved from New York to the suburbs. Feeling isolated and trying to adapt to my new life I was taking as many art classes as I could, from painting and drawing to printing to design. Soon making art became my way to communicate what I have seen and experienced in my life, all the colors, smells, food, textures, and styles. Spain, where I grew up, a country of vivid colors and contrasts, with its rich history, architecture, art, cuisine, unquestionably found its way into my work.    


My sources of inspiration come from nature and uncommon places. I tend to create abstract landscapes that are not specific locales but imagined places. I like using textured surfaces and materials that I manipulate so they could interact with each other. In my creative process I gradually trim away elements in search of the essence of things and lean towards minimal expression with monochromatic palette and open spaces. I have been working primarily in acrylics. I also love printmaking and have been creating monotypes for the last few years.

Almudena Fernandez Vicens

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