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The influences of organic shapes, architecture and random structures, begins a dialogue in which these elements create a visual vocabulary that I store for later use.


My work fluctuates between an intuitive process and preconceived ideas in search of forms that feel true to the original idea.


In my work I explore the process of creating throughout an interactive design and the relationships between the materials and mediums I use and the idea. There is a mutual enrichment between transforming the materials used for each piece, the medium of choice and the original idea. Each new try, each new iteration shapes and grows the initial idea.


In the work one can see how the process of trimming away elements searching for essence eventually pushes the work towards the minimal with a monochromatic palette and open spaces.

My work is an invitation to reflect. I aim to develop an abstract language hoping that each person can feel and understand it in different ways sparking a dialogue between the artwork and the audience.

Almudena Fernandez Vicens

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